Cenote Chempita, also known as Jade, is located in the southern interior of the island of Cozumel not too far from El Cedral. Access to the cenote is only allowed through tour groups. Access to the underwater cave is only allowed through scientific permit. Rob was fortunate enough to have been able to dive Chempita on a couple of occasions. Chempita is unusual for a cave on Cozumel. It drops deep quickly and depths in the 160 foot/48 meter range are possible. Most of the caves beneath the jungle of Cozumel are in the 15 to 60 foot/4.5 to 18 meter range.

During one of the occasions Rob was able to dive Chempita, he was asked to check out a possible lead at the end of the line about 135 feet deep. After the dive, he was told he looked like a mouse trying to squeeze into a small hole. Rob made it through that small hole, but unfortunately, it did not lead anywhere. Due to the permit requirement to dive Chempita, exploration there is limited.