Welcome to Cozumel Caves!

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Most people don’t realize there are miles upon miles of cave passage underneath the jungle of Cozumel. Cave diving is not easy here. The logistics of getting tanks to use during the dives are difficult. And many of the cenotes involve long hikes through small jungle paths carrying well over 100 pounds of equipment.

We visited Cozumel for the first time in 2011 on an expedition trip with several other cave divers. While most people go to Cozumel for the reef dives, the only reefs we saw were on the way to and back from some of the sea caves we went diving in. The caves of Cozumel are different than any other caves we’ve seen so far, including the caves located on the mainland.

We have been diving the caves of Cozumel that first trip with trips 2-4 times per year. During that time we have increased the known length of Aerolito from 20,000 feet/6100 meters to 25,000 feet/7600 meters and we are still exploring it. If you would like to dive this cave contact COZUMEL ABYSS DIVERS. In fact, we recommend Cozumel Abyss Divers for all of your diving needs in Cozumel!

We have also discovered a previously unknown section of Cueva Quebrada bringing the total lined passage in that system from 29,000 feet/8800 meters to over 85,000 feet/26000 meters. Cueva Quebrada now falls in the top 10 longest underwater caves in Mexico! The new section alone is has more lined passage than the original map shows on it! We have also discovered other systems that were previously never explored. We continue to explore those systems and expanding them.