The most well known cave for cave divers is Aerolito, located just outside the original marina and easily accessible by all. You’ll often see tours coming through with cruise ship passengers at this location.

First explored back in the 1980s and 90s, the original explorers were able to line and survey about 20,000 feet/6,000 meters of passage in Aerolito. Exploration efforts were resumed by Rob Neto and a small team of divers in 2012 and they have relined much of the cave and resurveyed all of it. In the process, missed leads were discovered and more than 5,000 feet/1,500 meters of new, previously unexplored passages have been lined and added to the map. Aerolito now has just over 25,000 feet/7,600 meters of lined passage and exploration efforts continue.You can read about Rob’s explorations in Aerolito in his upcoming book, Beneath the Jungle of Cozumel – Shooting Stars, available late 2025.